Retreats to Mother Meera in Germany and India in 2014
" I have come to say that all paths are as good as each other and all lead to the Divine, and that therefore the various believers should respect each other's ways. For example, Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and other religious people can believe and follow their own faith, but should not hate or fight others' faith. People who follow any faith can come to me – I can help them to remember the Divine, and give them peace and happiness when they are in trouble."

– Mother Meera
Mother Meera is one of the most widely revered and loved of the Avatars of the Divine Mother. The unique gift of Mother Meera to the world is to make available the radically transformative Light of Paramatman, the Supreme Being. In this time of crisis and growing spiritual hunger, the Mother offers her children a direct transmission of Light that dissolves all barriers and changes the entire being.

Mother Meera lives in Thalheim, Germany where she currently gives darshan in silence four nights a week in neighbouring Schaumberg. Many people regularly travel from all over the world to be with Mother Meera in Germany.

What is Darshan?
Darshan is the bestowal of Love, Light and Grace.
Mother Meera gives Darshan in silence.
It is her gift to humanity and it is bestowed free of charge.

For those who are unfamiliar with the outward form of darshan, it is performed thus:

• People sit before Mother Meera in meditative silence with eyes open or closed.
• Each person kneels before her (pranam) so that she can lay her fingers upon their head.
• When she remove her hands, that person then sits back on their heels and looks into
Mother's eyes while she looks back into theirs. This moment has all the time in the world in it.
• People who cannot kneel may sit in a chair in front of Mother. Please contact us if you are
confined to a wheelchair.
• When Mother has finished she lowers her eyes and the person rises and returns to their seat.

India Retreat with Mother Meera
Call for details

Come and see Mother's new school to educate orphaned children in India.

You receive several Darshans with Mother during your stay-what blessings! We stay one or two weeks in local accommodation and visit sacred sites.

Our next retreats to Mother in India will be autumn 2011 and Spring 2012. Please email/call to apply.

If you wish to be involved in either of these journeys please email Sandra by return so she can assess numbers who would like to come with her.

These retreats are facilitated by Sandra Straw
who has taken groups to Mother now for over 15
years. See below for further details about Sandra.

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Forthcoming Retreat to Mother Meera in Germany
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These retreats are facilitated by Sandra Straw
who has taken groups to Mother now for over 15
years. See below for further details about Sandra.

This is an intimate journey with a small group of 'kindred spirits' to experience the Divine Mother and her transmission of life changing energy.

A loving, spiritual environment surrounds this retreat in Germany where healing, meditation, joy and stress-release can occur.

5-day long weekend Retreat: this allows time for four evening darshans with Mother, plus more quiet time for reflection and relaxation – plus the opportunity for visits to local sacred sites and a cruise on the river Rhine.

Please note: There is no charge for attending Mother Meera's darshan meetings, and Sandra Straw endeavours to keep costs for accommodation and travel at a very reasonable rate. Retreat includes: shared B&B accommodation (single room supplement available). Prices include all transportation in Germany, with flights from Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester or Edinburgh. Cost of meals is extra, but inexpensive.
I do not speak but my force changes people completely. The power of the Divine works in silence and will change things according to your aim and what you ask for. Sometimes I can give immediately what you have requested. Sometimes it takes time.
Letters from previous
retreat participants:

"Dear All, Thank you for the wonderful company on the Mother Meera weekend. For me the conversation, love and friendship of like-minded people is as valuable as the event itself. This proved for me more than true over the weekend in Germany. So a great big thank you. We all have the capacity to help and heal each other, and this was lovely.
Mother Meera certainly gave me what I needed, to help me move on with love and compassion."
– Chris

"The Mother Meera trip was amazing and surpassed my expectations...... I would liken it to me feeling like a bud slowly opening under an intense Divine light, which became more powerful with every darshan.... a truly enlightening experience. We are so lucky that Sandra runs these trips which give people the opportunity to see Mother Meera."
- Sharon

"The highlights for me were the four darshans with Mother and the company of the rest of the group. I learned to let go and to let other people, especially family, solve their own problems and to step in only when absolutely necessary. I now feel much freer to give myself more me time and to concentrate on my own path and well-being."
- Isabel

"I enjoyed meeting the group and being in the presence of Mother Meera - it was heartening for me to see so many people in search of a touch of the Spirit. I now intend to make a conscious effort to make space for longer times of meditation. I marvel at your gift of wisdom, Sandra - not in tune with all your belief systems but do respect them - our hearts are attuned to the Divine and that's all that matters"
- Carmel

"I enjoyed meeting like-minded people and the darshans with Mother were simple marvelous. I have learn to accept and trust in myself and to let go of certain emotional cords that have been attached for too long and to break free. It has really been a most fantastic trip."
- Ingrid

"I can now begin to respond differently to negativity and challenges by striving to rise above, step back and make wiser choices. I fee empowered to take care of myself and those around me better and realise the only way forward now is to open my heart and follow my own path. No more seeking approval or fighting and reacting to things. This makes me feel free which is wonderful and what I was searching for."
- Samantha

"Visiting Mother is a beautiful experience - as always - the impact in time will gradually emerge as the changes unfold, whatever they are meant to be."
- Edie
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Sandra also hosts other retreat weekends and transformational journeys to
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